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Young people are able to go out of the establishment without staff permission unless in cases where there is a supervision arrangement in place.

Young people have full control of their own money though we help them in terms of budgeting for their finances.

Young people have control over what they wear as well as resources to buy clothes.

We support them during medical appointment when needed however the decisions about medical treatment are made entirely on their own.

Based on prior agreement with their social worker, we may have access to medical record for safe keeping if required but young people have complete access to their own records.

Based on proper arrangement or permission from their social worker, young people can stay away overnight.

Advice in terms of support are provided entirely voluntarily and young people are able to decide whether or not to follow the advice given even though they are expected to participate.

We also provide outreach support once a young person has left.

Each young person is issued with their license agreement, signed by them but are paid for by the social services or local authority that placed them with us.

Staff have a review system for each young person’s personal development and together with the young person monitor the development and pathway plan.

Young people administer their own medication

We are dedicated to maintaining quality accommodation

Explore Independence has a building and location risk assessment that is reviewed on an annual basis. Any risks that are identified are minimised as much as possible. Explore Independence has fire alarm system and fire equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets etc. that are tested and serviced regularly, and any maintenance carried out as quickly as possible. Fire exits are clearly marked.

We currently have a total of four 24/7 Placement Units located at various parts of London.


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