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Our Services

Our Services

Specialized Offerings at Explore UK

Discover a range of meticulously tailored services, including compassionate accommodations, skill-building programs, crisis intervention facilities, and personalized care. Explore the details of how we go beyond housing, providing a supportive framework for each resident’s unique journey toward self-sufficiency and success.

In line with the categories outlined in Regulation 2, Explore Independence provides categories 2 and 3 as follows:

  • Shared or group living situation in premises used to accommodate only looked after children and care leavers.
  • Shared or group living situation in premises, which are not limited to accommodating, looked after children and care leavers

Explore Independence has experience in providing services to young people such as

  • Care experienced young people.
  • Young people considered Looked after.
  • Homeless young people

Young people we accommodate include

  • Young offenders
  • Unaccompanied asylum seeking children
  • Young people experiencing family breakdown
  • Young people coming out of Foster homes
  • Young people coming out of Residential children’s home
  • Young people likely to exhibit emotional and behavioural issues
  • Young people experiencing trauma and or a number of adverse childhood experiences
  • Young people at risk of sexual exploitation
  • Young people at risk of criminal exploitation
  • Young people at risk of physical abuse
  • Young people at risk of radicalisation.

Young Person Accommodation

Discover a safe and nurturing environment in our thoughtfully curated accommodations. We offer a range of living spaces that prioritize comfort, security, and independence.

Support Services

Upon arrival, each resident is assigned a key worker, ensuring personalized and attentive support. The allocation can be reviewed, allowing residents to choose a key worker who aligns with their preferences.

Life Skills Building

We are dedicated to empowering residents with the skills they need to navigate the challenges of independent living successfully. Our skill-building programs cover a wide range of essential life skills to enable them to live independently as adults by the time they leave the Supported Accommodation.

Quality Meals

We prioritize teaching young people how to prepare their own well-balanced and quality meals. Through hands-on guidance, personalized recipes, and cooking lessons, we foster a healthy and nourishing lifestyle. Residents can also choose to enjoy their meals outside of the establishment, further enhancing their independence and culinary skills.

Crisis Intervention

In times of crisis, our intervention facilities offer a supportive alternative to secure accommodation. Our trained staff specializes in managing challenging behaviors and anger, providing a safe and structured environment.


To ensure the effectiveness of our services, we conduct a full assessment within the initial eight weeks, followed by monthly reviews. This allows us to adapt our support to the evolving needs of each resident.
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Professional Staff

24/7 Support

We are dedicated to maintaining quality accommodation

Explore Independence has a building and location risk assessment that is reviewed on an annual basis. Any risks that are identified are minimised as much as possible. Explore Independence has fire alarm system and fire equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets etc. that are tested and serviced regularly, and any maintenance carried out as quickly as possible. Fire exits are clearly marked.

We currently have a total of four 24/7 Placement Units located at various parts of London.